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Make a beautiful summer night last longer without infuriating the neighbours

No longer end up indoors after getting turned down by a strong wind on the terrasse

Enjoy a sunny Spring day having a drink on the terrasse without turning into an ice cube


LumiBar is  THE bar you would like to find on your path.

On the ski slopes to drink a hot chocolate in a cosy place with a panoramic view on the mountains.

On a rooftop to enjoy a nice spring night without freezing at the first breeze.

On a square to meet friends without waiting for a sunbeam to show up.

Its 180° curved windows slide and allow to transform the bar from interior into a terrasse in a few seconds. But it also ideally protects its occupant from the winds and it prevents noise pollution as soon as you can close the windows when it’s getting late. It especially offers comfort accross seasons, so that you never have to cancel an aperitif because of the weather.

  • Dimensions of the LumiBar L : diameter 8,5m, height 3,9m. Surface area 47m²
  • Lumicene windows : diameter 8m and height 3m
  • Motorised sliding
  •  Saint-Gobains double glazing SP510 (20argon) SP510

  • Wood and steel structure
  • Assembly of the module on the site : 4 to 5 days excluding connection.
  • External skin and internal layout customisable depending of the project


LumiBar XL is the large version of the LumiBar

 180m²   including two LUMICENE windows of 6 and 8m diameter, allowing to transform 80m² into exterior space at the first sunray.

And we installated it Place Bellecour, in Lyon.

  • Dimension of the LumiBar XL : lenght 22,7m, width 20m, height 3,9m.
  • Surface area 180m².
  • Lumicene windows : diameter 6m and 8m, height 3,5m.
  • Motorised sliding
  • Saint-Gobains double glazing SP510 (20argon) SP510

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Who are we ?

LumiBar is born from the meeting of LUMICENE, Anne-Sophie Brychcy Architectures and Oxygen.


A creative studio specialized in architectural visualization.


A French company developing a concept of curved sliding windows

ASB Architectures

A Parisian architect passionate about new styles of urban layout.

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